What kind of quests can I pass?

Win streaks

Our main type of quests are win streak quests. You will need to earn 3, 4 or 5 victories in a row for passing these quests. For example you can earn 4 victories in a row as Slark and after that you get a prize from our site.

Quest paths

You have to pass various quests during the match. For example, win a match as Antimage, buy Manta Style and make 10 kills


Our site will give you 15 random heroes and 5 days to complete the quest. You will need to win the match against each required hero.

Choose items that you will get for our quests:

Prizes already got:

Start your first quest:

1. Open match data in Dota2.

In Dota2 settings chose "Expose Public Match Data" and "Trade invites from: Anyone". After that our site will be able to check you match data and our bot will be able to trade with you.

Generic placeholder image

2. Update rank on our site.

If you have uncalibrated account, it is not a problem. You can calibrate your rank while passing quests. After all, you will have to gain rank not less than Crusader[1] to be able to check your quest on our site.

Bonus bet coefficient: +{[{ betBonus }]}

Your current rank

Is unknown

Update your rank on the site now.

Try more often update your rank. The higher the rank, the more profitable coefficients for bets.

3. Finally, start your first quest.

We advice you to read our main rules and F.A.Q.. It will help you to understand how our site works.