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  • Passed main quests
  • Passed path quests
  • Passed contracts
  • Passed achievements


1. Only ranked matches are accepted for path quests.

2. Users need to have rank no less than Crusader.

3. Each path quest is passed alternately.

4. It is required to win match and complete needed task for passing path quest.

5. Each time you complete path quest, a new time threshold is set. Matches played before the time threshold will not be counted for new path quest.

6. Same matches will not be counted for passing different path quests.

7. Items for path quests must not be placed in backpack.

8. Items for path quests must be placed in the inventory until the match ends.

Quest paths

{[{ loclaleBind(, "en") }]}


{[{ }]}/{[{ achievement.levels[achievement.pickedLevel].num }]}

You will get a random Arcana