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1. Only ranked matches are accepted for contracts.

2. Users need to have rank no less than Crusader.

3. Matches played after the start of the contract and before its ending are accepted.

4. Same matches can be counted for passing different heroes in a contract.


After clicking "Start contract", you will be randomly given 15 heroes and 7 days for passing your contract.

You will need to win matches versus all heroes required by your contract and pass them on the site.

Users with Free accounts can pass 7 heroes and get a prize of Low cost . Users with PRO-Account can get a prize of Middle cost for 7 passed heroes and a prize of Very high cost for 10 passed heroes.

History of contracts

This contract will end after {[{ PHPDateTimeToAngularDate(, 7) | date: 'dd MMMM yyyy HH:mm' }]} (Pro-Contract) (Free contract)
No contracts


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