1. Our system is based on Steam API match data.

Thus, if for some reason Steam did not record the match and this affected your quest - we are not responsible for this.
We advise you to check your match history before checking your quest.

2. You need to have rank no less than Crusader[1].

Players with rank Crusader can pass quests only in SOLO ranked matchmaking.

Players with ranks Archon and Legend can pass quests in a party of 3 players.

Players with rank Ancient or higher can pass quests in a party of 5 players.

3. Only ranked matches are accepted for quests.

4. The system checks only the last games played, depending on how many victories in a row the player has selected for the quest.

Thus, if the player chooses 3 victories in a row, then the system will check last 3 matches from history.
However, if an extra game was played, after the necessary matches for the quest, you can use extended quest checking feature.

5. New quest can be created only after expiration of the previous quest.

Also a new quest can be created if the previous quest is passed. The site's time: UTC + 3 time zone.

6. If, for some reason, the player could not select the right hero to complete the quest during the game, then the site is not responsible for this.

7. Prizes are given within 24 hours.

TradeURL link must match the Steam account of the player who is passing the quest.
Player cannot use other player's TradeURL.

8. If our trade-bot for some reason failed to make offer, then player excluded from the queue for prize.

User can put himself in the queue for prize after he fixed problems with Steam-trading.
If the user canceled the offer of the trade-bot - user will not receive the prize for quest.
If the time of the trade offer request expires - user will not receive the prize for quest.

9. If the player could not pass the quest in time - the quest will be failed.

Matches played before the beginning of the quest and after the ending of the quest will not count. The quest is failed if it wasn't passed after 3 days.

10. If between ranked matches there is non-ranked match (for example normal match) - the quest will be failed.

The exceptions are Battle Cup matches. Site will not check these matches.

It is allowed to play custom games like: "Haunted Colosseum", "Overthrow" and others.

11. Our bot always gives only one item for passed quest.

12. Remember, we do not change some prizes for others and do not ask for anything in exchange. Beware of scammers.

13. Deception of the site, bug usage on the site, as well as abuse of quests on the site is FORBIDDEN.

If such actions are detected by the Users - The administration of the site reserves the right to block these Users on the site without refunding the remaining funds on the site.

Abuse of quests on the site extends to the following situations:

Usage of low MMR accounts:

If with a long win streak, the user's rank does not increase although from Crusader[1] to Crusader[2], the system will consider this situation as quest abuse.

If a group of two or more users have conspired to pass the quest, being in different teams, putting one of the teams Radiant or Dire in a pre-losing position (Feeding / AFK Farming). In this case, the Site Administration reserves the right to block all participants.

If user has Crusader[1] or higher rank and at the same time his teammates and enemies have Herald or Guardian ranks in ranked matches. Lack of normal distribution of ranks in matches.

14. The administration reserves the right to change the rules.